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Tanika Yarbrough

Tanika has over 15 years experience with guiding individuals with Depression, Bipolar, and Anxiety Disorders as well as with ADHD and other Behavioral Disorders. In addition, she received NASW Virginia’s Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience Informed Care. Her wellness environment consists of mutual respect, trust, safety, and unconditional positive regard. 


Tanika obtained her Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Hampton University in 1999 and Masters in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Social Work in 2003. Prior to working in Private Practice she gained experience in several settings including adolescent residential treatment, school based therapeutic day treatment, and mental health skill building for adults. Tanika has also been a Field Instructor with graduate students at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work and Barbara Solomon School of Social Work at Walden University as well as an Internship Supervisor for graduate students at Liberty University’s Graduate Counseling program.

Affiliations: National Association of Social Workers

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